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July 10th, 2007

The Real Deal about Travel Accident Insurance

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Travel InsuranceMany credit cards offer Travel Accident Insurance as part of subscription benefits to the credit card holder. Many people

believe that this insurance covers all ends during travel and don’t opt for a separate travel insurance. What does the Travel Accident Insurance mean?

This may have the words “travel” and “insurance” in close proximity, but actually refers to a very limited personal accident insurance policy, which at worst will pay out only if you die as a result of an accident while you are getting into, travelling on, or getting out of a plane, boat or train during a journey you paid for with that card.

Travel Accident Insurance doesn’t cover any sickness on your trip like fever, headache, broken bones etc. It’s a misnomer that has and will confuse a lot of travelers.

It is absolutely necessary to carry an exclusive travel insurance which covers any sickness and abnormalities. A typical travel insurance also covers lost luggage on flights, flight delays and mainly take care of your medical expenses. A good insurance should cover £2m in Europe and a lot more in the US.

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